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About Website Links Count Checker

This tool is generally used to know the number of outgoing links that are on a particular website. The method is very simple and easy, just enter the URL in the textbox and hit enter. 

There are many different purposes for which link count checker can be used. Most common use of this tool is that it is used by web developers to know how many external links are on a particular page so that they can maintain the quality of their website as it is a bad idea to publish excessive outgoing links.

This tool can help in saving money by removing the situation of buying advertising or creating link from a less-than-credible service provider. 

This tool should be used for eliminating those pages from your website that could damage your reputation if you exchange the links. This tool can also be used to check Google Page Rank so that you can be assured that you will be benefitted by publishing a link. This tool can also be used for checking if the Google Page Rank is fake or authentic.