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About Plagiarism Checker

Disclaimer: Our Plagiarism checker do not save any of your data, information, article, post in any form. Feel free to use.

Our Plagiarism Checker makes use of the top technology to detect plagiarism in an article or content. It uses Google as well as our own API to detect plagiarised content give you the best result.

Benefits of Using Plagiarism Checker?

If you are a website owner and get your content written by someone else then you can use this plagiarism checker to find if there is any copied content in the article or not. The checker checks the article line by line so it is more accurate and easily detects any copied content. It is a free online plagiarism checker which shows percentage of uniqueness. This will help you know how much percentage of content is copied.

If you write your content yourself from news article or other blogs then it is best for you find if writing style is same as them or not and if you have wriiten as it or not. It will tell you how unique your content is. Search engines love 100% unique articles, so keep on changing content till you get 100%. Also our limit is 3000 words which makes it easier to check big articles in one go.

How To Use Plagiarism Checker Tool? [Image Tutorial]

What Is Plagiarism & How This Plagiarism Checker Is Helpful?

Plagiarism is the act of copying other’s works and ideas without citing the sources in their content or acknowledging the person whom it had been taken from. In-text works or formal article contents, it is considered as an offensive crime if somebody copy’s the other person’s or source works more than a certain limit. So, it is important for everybody to check their content for plagiarism before submitting any formal report. Plagiarism Checker is one such tool that allows the people to check their formal content such as reports, thesis, papers, and journals, etc against plagiarism and generate the customized report with marked copied content along with overall plagiarism percentage. It is the most useful tool to identify the percentage of copied content in full article or document and saving oneself from committing a crime of virtual theft. Thus, helping the writers to generate fully unique content. This is not only helpful for academicians but in other fields too where content writing is important to factor.

In digital marketing, the techniques of SEO and SMM work on the essence of unique content only. It can be used by blog writers, content writers, website designers, SEO experts, and more. Since unique content is the need of the hour in every field, and for writing more and more content, people take help from the internet. While referring to the internet for writing content, there is a tendency of writing copied content. Therefore advanced plagiarism checker is a helpful escape in such a situation. Also, Google and other search engines index unique content in search results fast, so the writers can update their online content while avoiding plagiarism too.

This tool can check 3000 words at a time and provide results by checking one sentence at a time. The user can either type their content in the text or upload the document or provide the webpage URL for checking the content. The user can either check the simple plagiarism that works on our own API or ‘check for grammar and advanced plagiarism’ through this tool. The user can reset the content for checking another piece of writing and provides results line by line with the percentage of copied content.