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About URL Encoder/Decoder

URL encoding means that the characters of the URL replaced by one or more-character triplet that contains the percent character and the meaning of URL decoder is that they can decode the URL into human-readable format. Percent encoding is also the name of URL encoding that is a uniform resource identifier under some measures. The characters allowed are only reserved or unreserved. Reserved characters are those that sometimes have special characters. And the unreserved characters have no special meanings. There are also subtypes of these reserved and unreserved characters. These are as follows:

  • percent-encoding reserved characters, 
  • percent-encoding unreserved characters, 
  • percent-encoding the percent character, 
  • percent-encoding arbitrary data, 
  • binary data, 
  • character data, etc.

This tool used in the following ways: -

Character set: During the encoding process, you have to specify which character set is good. This information is to change into the decoded data for the website character set. Then, all the characters are displayed accordingly.

Decode each line separately: The new sentences are also converted into a percent-encoded form. That's why the usual data consist of continuous text. All non-encoding whitespaces are stripped from the input to take care of its integrity by the prior decoding. When you intended to decode multiple independent data entries, separated with line breaks, then we can use this option.

Live mode: When you want to decode immediately, then you have to turn on this option.

Every tool has some features by which their importance is counted. 

There are also some features of Url encoder-decoder. Some of them are as follows:

  • Safe and secure: - The communication to the servers with the SSL encrypted https is secured. The files are deleted just after the uploading. The resulting downloadable files removed after the first download attempt. Also, it can remove after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Completely free tool: - it means no need to spend money on it. Also, it is a user-friendly tool.

In hacking and tracking, there is a chance to loss of data . Url of any website is a simple way to track and hack any website. URL Encoder/Decoder tool is used for adding special characters to a URL parameter. URL encoding is also known as per cent-encoding. URL encoding replaces those characters which are not allowed with a % with 2 additional hexadecimal values. Decoding has its own significance. So its very easy to encode and decode any url in an online and free with the heal of small seo tool in an easy way. By encoding and decode its very difficult to track website .

How The URL Encoder/Decoder Tool Works?

This is a Free Online URL Encoder/Decoder SEO Tool.

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